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  • Claus Stefanski
    Co-Founder, R&D Manager

    Co-Founder and R&D Manager at Waxell. With a background in product design, Claus is a boundary-pushing maverick, dedicated to overcoming challenges. He's the inventive mind behind Zeroplast, reshaping the future of sustainable packaging.

  • Mag. Friedrich Breidenbach
    Co-Founder, CEO, Open Innovation Enthusiast

    Meet Friedrich Breidenbach, CEO and Co-Founder of Waxell. As an open innovation and venture building enthusiast, Friedrich is dedicated to challenging norms and driving change. With extensive C-level experience, he brings a unique perspective to sustainable innovation in the packaging industry.


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    At Waxell, we're driven by a mission to redefine the future of packaging and materials with sustainable innovation. With a proven track record of groundbreaking solutions like Zeroplast, our bio-based material, we're reshaping industries while preserving the planet.

    Our team's expertise in product design, open innovation, and venture building ensures that we're not just adapting to change – we're leading it.

    Partner with Waxell to co-create sustainable materials, develop eco-friendly packaging solutions, and embark on a journey towards a greener, brighter future

    Track Record and International Collaboration

    Proud to Be the Only Austrian SME in a Horizon 2020 Project

    Collaborating with Industry Giants Like Fraunhofer ISC, IWKS, Dow Chemicals, and Unilever within the Hyperbiocoat Consortium

    At Waxell, we are honored to have been the only Austrian SME selected for the prestigious Horizon 2020 HyperBioCoat project, funded by the European Union and led by Bio-Based Industries (BBI). This groundbreaking project brought together an unparalleled consortium, including renowned institutions like Fraunhofer ISC and IWKS, and global industry leaders such as Dow Chemicals and Unilever.

    Through this collaboration, we have significantly advanced our expertise in developing bio-based, biodegradable coatings for sustainable packaging solutions.

    Beyond HyperBioCoat

    Partnering with Industry Leaders and Renowned Companies for Sustainable Innovation


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